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Hilarious Hack Attack

Seriously, when will it end?

Nicole Billitz
Hilarious Hack Attack

Lizard Squad, the hacking group that gained notoriety over Christmas for allegedly being responsible for the Sony cyber attack that put down the PlayStation Network for several hours, has been hacked.

After Lizard Squad proclaimed their responsibility via Twitter on Christmas Day, they set up a website that allowed anyone to access their software that would corrupt and overrun websites with data, similarly to what they did with the PlayStation Network, provided that the user paid a fee.

According to the BBC, investigative journalist Brian Krebs announced on Tuesday that the database behind the Lizard Stresser tool had been hacked. Apparently whoever managed to hack into the database acquired the usernames and passwords of over 14,241 people that had signed up for the Stresser. The Stresser allowed the user’s that paid to overwhelm websites that they were using with large amounts of data.

Mr. Krebs announced that due to the lack of security and caution, Lizard Squad had not properly protected the login and contact information, which allowed for the hack in the first place.

Ars Technica, a tech news site, had access to the database dump that was posted for a few hours on the Mega file-sharing system before it was taken down. They said that most of the people using the software were gamers that were attempting to stop rivals from playing a specific game. The most common was the Minecraft servers. Ars Technica also said those using the software were at risk for having their IP addresses tracked, because they were poorly stored and could be easily recovered.

Well, that’s a bit embarrassing.

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