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Holograms Are Here (Almost)

The Microsoft HoloLens team acquires a hard-hitting member.

Julius Tabios
Holograms Are Here (Almost)© 2023 Microsoft Promotional

Project high-definition holograms right before your eyes.

The future is indeed upon us with tech bringing yesterday’s dreams becoming a very tangible reality. The Microsoft HoloLens plans to bring a state-of-the-art Augmented Reality Viewer right at our fingertips (or eyes) very soon. The HoloLens allows you to project high-definition holograms (We sci-fi now!) right before your eyes.

Microsoft has acquired the services of someone very familiar with the meaning of light-years ahead of the competition. Casey Hudson, known for his work in the Mass Effect series and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic from Bioware (which he also co-founded by the way), will be joining the Microsoft team as creative director. He will help out with Xbox One projects but will primarily be focusing on the HoloLens experience.

Through Xbox Wire Hudson mentions he wants to focus down on ‘innovative new Xbox titles, helping them find success through clear direction and creative vision.’ The Canadian also mentions that he believes that the application of the HoloLens and any future iterations could go beyond mere applications and games.

The HoloLens is expected to hit shelves later this year along with the Windows 10.  

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