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Holographic Politicians Might Soon Become A Reality

US elections may be going all modern

Molly Holt
Holographic Politicians Might Soon Become A Reality© 2018 romana klee - Flickr

With the 2016 presidential election drawing closer and closer, each party is keen to find new ways to gain the support of their country. But there’s only so many school visits and speeches one human can physically manage… until now. Maybe.

Taking a cue from India’s prime minister Narendra Modi, who earlier this year used the very unexpected method of becoming a hologram to campaign for reelection, American company HologramUSA has gained the rights to use its technology in the states. As reported by Bloomberg Weekly, a lobbyist has also been hired to supposedly try persuade Democrats and Republicans into adopting the scheme, which allowed Modi to broadcast his almost hour-long speech in 53 different places. The technology could however mark an eerie entrance into the past world of politics, bringing back deceased famous figures and founding fathers. Just imagine turning walking home from work and seeing John F. Kennedy making a speech in the park across the road. Creepy.

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