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How Does Your City Move?

Human provides visually stunning maps of the way we traverse cities

Anne Parsons
How Does Your City Move?© 2018 human.co

Are you ever curious about the way people carve into a city? It’s something I’ve pondered for a while. In Berlin, where I live, it’s customary to leave unwanted furniture out on the street for any passerby who may be interested in it, before the pick-up guys are called. If the furniture is in half-way good shape, it will inevitably be picked up and carried off to it’s new destination, somewhere across the city. It would be great to see a bird eye view of all of the people carrying furniture around the city, like ants carrying their latest findings.

It seems this map app and website, Human has been tracing our urban pathways for quite a while. The people at Human have visualized 7.5 Million miles of activity in major cities all across the globe to get an insight into our activity. 

Image: © 2014 Human

The visually stunning pictures map the way we walk, cycle, run and drive. It's no surprise to learn that Amsterdam is big on cycling, but I am surprised that Berlin’s activity is only 30% motorized compared to the average 50%, and compared to Vancouver’s 58% or Bangkok’s 62%. Berliner’s also cycle, walk and run more than average. Take a look at your city's map here.

Human is not just a beautiful tracking device and social experiment, the primary aim of the app is to make people move more - their motto is “Walk. Run. Dance. Bike. Everything counts. Join over 250,000 Humans and enjoy 30 minutes of exercise, every day. It's the easiest way to get healthy.”

This is how we move from Human on Vimeo.

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