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How Make A 3D Hologram Projector In 7 Easy Gifs

Your old smartphone can become a budget hologram projector

Nicole Billitz
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How Make A 3D Hologram Projector In 7 Easy Gifs© 2019 Prometheus

British YouTuber extraordinaire Mrwhosetheboss has uploaded a pretty amazing instructional video on how to create a 3D hologram projector out of an old smartphone, using only an old CD case, tape, a knife, a ruler, and pen and paper.

He manages to create an entire budget hologram projector in only 7 easy steps, convenintely in .gif format.

1. Draw the shape

Using the ruler and the pen and pencil, create a shape 6cm wide at the bottom and 1cm at the top by 3.5cm high. If you double or triple the measurements, apparently it also has a nice effect. This will serve as your paper template.

2. Break the edges of the CD case

3. Use the template to create the shape on the CD case

4. Carefully cut out the shape with the knife

You will need four sides in total.

5. Take the tape to stick the sides together

6. Place it on your phone and load a hologram specific video

Don’t worry, YouTube has specifically made videos that are just for this.

7. Turn off the lights and enjoy


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