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How to Break Up with Someone in 2015

Can't Make the Break in Person? Don't Worry, Your Phone Will Do It for You

Lauren Messer
How to Break Up with Someone in 2015

Tis' the season for commitment! Time to meet the parents, be the official date to the company holiday party, ring in the New Year together or just get snuggly with someone special while it snows outside. Time for engagements and baby news announced over a big turkey meal, holiday cards with cheesy family photos and my personal favorite, the little paragraphs of life updates, about what everyone in the fam has been up to over the last year. Aren't you glad you get to share it all with your boo? Warm fuzzies all around, right?!

As online dating spikes to lock down dates for this time of year, so do breakups

...If the idea all of that with your current person just made you want to run for the hills, don't worry. First, I feel ya, and second, there's totally an app to help you escape like the technologically advanced commitmentphobe you are. The Breakup Shop is more than happy to help you let your partner down easy by hiring someone to do the breaking up for you via text message, email, phone call or traditional letter. The start up is being described as something "like Uber for breakups." It allows you to select your method of breakup in mere seconds, and even has a rush option in case you want it to be delivered within 24 hours. Text messages and emails start for prices as low as $10 and the company recently announced that its video message feature and ability to break up through Snapchat will cost just $5.  

It comes as no surprise that we've seen the release of quite a few of these new applications in recent months. They've been subject to criticisim as the idea of breaking up this way may seem a bit harsh and insensitive to a pretty large crowd but, let's face it, technology is changing the way we get together; it's inevitable that it's going to change the way things fall apart too. As online dating spikes to lock down dates for this time of year, so do the break ups, but are break up apps the next big niche in tech? Erik Niewiarowski and Gwendolyn Purdom give us a little more insight on #WeShouldTalkAboutThis.

So, if you're not up for all of the holiday season togetherness, your smartphone could be your saving grace. Still feeling like a jerk? The Breakup Shop actually has the option to send gifts to your ex too.  But, if you're going to go through with the break up, better get on with it because statistics show that the most common time to end a relationship is two weeks before Christmas because, well, after Christmas comes New Years and then you can't really dump someone on Valentine's day, so...good luck!


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