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How To Jailbreak Your iOS 9

In 12 easy steps

Nicole Billitz
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How To Jailbreak Your iOS 9

Jailbreaking, or the process of removing the hardware restrictions imposed by iOS software, has become more and more pointless over the years. That’s because Apple intentionally optimizes its operating system so that the jailbreak customization becomes less necessary. With the latest iOS 9, iOS users can now add widgets, install moving wallpapers, send audio messages, and use 3D Touch to find shortcuts to apps.  

But for tech experts and smartphone-savvy users, there is still a strong core of iOS jailbreakers. And thanks to a new hack from Chinese team Pangu, the newest jailbreak for iOS 9 is now available.

By using a Windows software package that creates an untethered jailbreak so that your device doesn’t need to be plugged into your computer, it is the first public jailbreak available to iOS 9. Despite Apple attempting to foil these attempts by running a security system which is designed to prevent malware (and jailbreaking), Pangu is available to any iPhone 4s or later, and iPad 2 or later. Obviously, it works on any mobile devices that are running iOS 9.

After downloading, users install Cydia, a program which allows you to download and install unofficial packages on to your mobile device, and it allows you to run apps and make to the iOS operating system, whereas on a regular device, this would not be an option.

For those doing this for the first time, please realize this does put your device and data at risk. Only users that really understand the technology should do this. Jailbreaking violates your End User License Agreement (which means it voids any warranty from Apple), and it also exposes security vulnerabilities and can potentially put your data at risk. In fact, some malware is directly targeted to those with jailbroken phones.

Here’s how to Jailbreak:

1. Back up your device. Simply click Settings > iCloud > Backup and then click “Back Up Now.”

2. Disable your passcode. Setting > Touch ID & Passcode and then disable the passcode

3. Switch onto Airplane Mode: At the top of your Control Center, simply tap the airplane icon so that it switches off.

4. Download Pangu. Also, make sure you’ve installed iTunes.

5. Open Pangu after it downloads.

6. Plug in your iOS device.

7. Once your device recognizes Pangu, select “Start.”

8. Click “Already Backup.”

9. After your device reboots, Pangu will ask you to switch your phone back into Airplane mode. Do that once again for the software to fully install.

10. When complete, Pangu will ask you to open the Pangu app on your home screen. Simply tap the app, and allow it access to your photos.

11. Your device will restart one more time. When this happens for the third and final time, disable Airplane mode, and then open up Cydia.

12. You’re in business.

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