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How to Kiss Someone In Another Language

Stranger Danger: Funny or Creepy?

Lauren Messer
How to Kiss Someone In Another LanguageĀ© 2018 Ili

Would you kiss a stranger who walked up to you and clearly didn't speak your language? What if she had a device that could perfectly translate everything she said in English to your native language, like Japanese. How about then? Would you do it? If that's still a little too weird for you, you're not alone. The internet has been buzzing about the latest promotional video put out by a company called Logbar that wants to showcase the capabilities of a handy new language translation device. In the video, a gentleman from the UK has decided that with power of Ili at his fingertips, he'll attempt to kiss women he's never met before by wooing them with his dimples and fancy little translation stick. šŸ˜

Source: YouTube Ili

Did that creep you out as much as some of the people who are complaining about it on the internet today? Feminists and people who aren't fans of being touched by strangers are crying foul on the advertisement, calling out the video for harassing women on the streets of Japan. Many people seem to find it poor marketing for a product that has potential to be revolutionary. That may be the case, but now people are talking about Ili other than the people who saw its reveal at CES 2016 and, like they say, there's no such thing as bad press. 

Ili is a handy little gadget that looks like a USB stick at first glance and can be worn around the user's neck. It contains its own operating system and draws from an internal database to translate from the three languages it currently supports: English, Chinese, and Japanese. The biggest selling point about the translator is that it doesn't need WiFi or data for support. This will defnitely set the device apart from other translation services in the market if it truly is reliable. 

The device should be available for pre-order sometime this spring. If the company has gotten the programming and software right, this could be one of the hot tech items that is released this year, potentially changing communication difficulties for travelers everywhere. 

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