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How To Tell If A Person Is An Apple Or Android User

Sometimes our phones can tell what type of person we really are

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Are you an Apple or an Andriod user? Did you consider your personality before choosing your smartphone? Perhaps you did not. Little did you know, your smartphone chose you. Maybe you didn’t mean to, but your iPhone or Andriod phone tell a lot about your traits. Here are a few ways to tell if someone is an Apple or Andriod user.


iPhone users are known to be more outgoing than other smartphone users. These users enjoy the luxurious life and pampering themselves by getting a facial or massage. Money is not an object for these folks. They love to treat themselves with expensive things because they know they deserve it! Meanwhile, Samsung folks are more of the practical types. They prefer quality over quantity. They love to explore and are open to new experiences in sensible ways.


Traveling is a great experience to learn about new cultures, relaxation, and explore new boundaries. It’s always fun to be around friends and family in a foreign country or a trip near the city. But these two smartphone users have different modes of traveling.

iPhone users are more likely to travel outside the country for more than 5 times every year. They like exploring new cultures in the most lavish way—by sipping fine wine on the tip of the Eiffel Tower.

Samsung users also love to travel, but on a budget. They spend their hard earned money on experiences rather than expensive things. You’ll find them traveling out of town with close friends on an adventurous hiking trip while sleeping in bunk beds.

Fashion, Taste & Asthetics

They say that a person defines their true beauty, but we say it’s your smartphone. Although people’s fashion and preferred design are most likely influenced by the latest trends, iPhone and Android users have different ways of showing of their fashion sense.

You’ll probably notice some folks wearing branded leather bags, coats made with real fur and shoes that costs more than your college tuition fee. Those people are likely to be iPhone users. I mean—your phone’s price tag has to match your outfit, right? They love simplicity with a lot of elegance.

While for the Samsung fashionistas, there is always a more practical approach to things, especially in fashion. These users love to shop in department stores, garage sales and thrift shops. They love to experiment with fashion by mixing and matching clothes that costs less than $50 dollars!

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