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Idiotic Yo App Genius With New Apple Watch

The app which was criticised months ago, could work really well with Apple Watch

Anne Parsons
Idiotic Yo App Genius With New Apple Watch© 2018 Yo

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the popularity of the app ‘Yo’ coincided with some kind of inexplicable cosmic event that resulted in the collective loss of millions and millions of brain cells. But the app is still going strong.

The simple messaging app, which only allows you to send the word ‘yo’ back and forth, is still doing well. So far, over 100 million Yos have been sent, at the current rate of about 15 per second. This is down from about 100 Yos per second, at the height of its popularity a few months ago.

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“It’s amazing if I compare it to other companies,” said Moshe Hogeg, Yo’s co-founder told Techcrunch. “Every second, there are 14 or 15 Yos sent. That’s three months after all the big hype.”

“Sometimes it’s enough to look at someone and know exactly what they mean,” he said. “Yo is also a word that means nothing. The context brings the meaning. Because ‘Yo’ means nothing, it could mean anything. It’s stupid but it’s beautiful at the same time.” So when everyone else is thinking neanderthal, Hogeg is thinking Beckett. 

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Apple Watch

However Hogeg might be on to something. The app could work extremely well with the new Apple Watch. The new watch already features some pared-down communication tools, such as responding to a text message with a pre-programmed response, or a picture.

“That could be a whole a new way to communicate,” Hogeg said. 


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