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If I Was Apple, I’d Be Worried

The Note 4 is the phone the company needs to beat

Michael Cruickshank
If I Was Apple, I’d Be Worried© 2018 Samsung/Apple

Apple is reportedly planning on releasing its long-awaited iPhone 6 in just under a week, on the 9th of September. Here it is rumoured the phone will not just come in one size, as previous models, but rather in two, with one version featuring a 4.7 inch screen, and the other coming with a 5.5 inch screen. This latter model will put the device in direct competition with the other high profile release of this month, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. 

It is interesting to note (excuse the pun) that the highest selling smartphone in the world, aside from the iPhone, is the Galaxy Note series. After its initial version was widely criticized by critics, it was nonetheless a massive hit with consumers, especially in Asian markets. While the reasons for it standout success are debatable, the Galaxy Note range is the what Apple will need beat in order for the larger iPhone 6 to be successful.

 Image: © 2014 Samsung

The latest version of the phablet, the Note 4 makes this yet more difficult for Apple. If Apple’s previous offerings are anything to go by, the Note 4 will comfortably be able to beat the iPhone in terms of raw processing power, due to its new Snapdragon 805 processor, as well its new GPU chipset. In addition, the new iPhone is unlikely to feature the cutting edge Quad-HD Super AMOLED screen of the Note 4, as this design is patented by Samsung.

The iPhone 6 will struggle to compete with the Note 4 in terms of productivity

The iPhone 6 will also struggle to compete with the Note 4 in terms of productivity functions as it lacks a stylus. The S Pen included as part of the Note 4 enables a whole new level of interactivity with the device, allowing for mouse-like click and drag motions, as well as a natural writing and note-taking experience. In addition, the iPhone simply lacks the brand popularity among business users (the target market for phablets) as within this sector, Android devices have proved more popular. 

While the iPhone is likely to be lacking in terms of specs, it could win customers from Samsung with its software and UI experience. Unlike Samsung’s poorly optimised TouchWiz Android skin, Apple’s iOS is widely regarded as the most stable mobile operating system on the market. Furthermore, the extensive UI redesign outlined at this year’s Apple WWDC developer conference, will bring additional functionality to the operating system.

With this in mind the situation is shaping up to create a clash of titans in the large smartphone (phablet) market. This is made more likely, as Apple is needing to solidify its presence in Asia, where it has been losing profits to competitors like Samsung and Xiaomi who have produced larger screened devices.

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