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Ikea Trolls Apple In Hilarious New Ad

Introducing the book book™

Michael Cruickshank
Ikea Trolls Apple In Hilarious New Ad© 2018 Ikea

Ever felt like every tech product release is the same? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Whenever anything new is announced in the tech world, is it almost always accompanied by an overly ‘inspirational’ video about how this new thing will “transform” and “revolutionize” not just your life, but everybody's lives.

It is unclear whether this is actually an effective strategy to increase interest in a product, or simply a reflection of the tech industry’s hubris, however what is certain is that it gives outsiders plenty of ammunition for parody.

Ikea has just released video promoting its new 2015 catalogue, but rather than promote it in a conventional ad, they instead have chosen to mock the “inspirational” style used by Apple, Google and others. In the ad they debut their latest ‘device’, the book book™. Its not a smartbook, or an ebook, it is simply a book book. But leave it to Ikea to explain to us just how truly transformative their new device is.

Check out their hilarious video below:

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