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Incredible: MIT's Visual Microphone

MIT, Microsoft And Adobe Have Discovered How To Extract Audio From Visual Information

Anne Parsons
Incredible: MIT's Visual Microphone© 2018 Fe Ilya

Okay, picture the scene.

You're in a glass soundproof room with your back to the camera. You start singing your favourite song. There is a packet of crisps on the table next to you. Researchers are filming the crisps with a highspeed camera. You finish singing and leave the room.

Next thing, the researchers are playing back to you what you were singing, from information they have gathered from the minute vibrations of the crisp packet. The words are clear, and it's even obvious what gender you are. Mindblowing.  

Abe Davis, a graduate student in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT told MIT News, “when sound hits an object, it causes the object to vibrate...the motion of this vibration creates a very subtle visual signal that’s usually invisible to the naked eye. People didn’t realize that this information was there.”

Watch the video below to learn about the process.

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