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iOS 9's Simple Solution To Your Wi-Fi Woes

Wi-Fi Assist helps you get through shitty internet connection

Roselle Jean Dancel
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Wi-Fi can be such a traitor. 

Wi-Fi disconnection can be such a bummer, especially when you're trying to watch the must-see match of all season, or merely viewing your favorite live streams.

Imagine this: You’re using your phone and live streaming the latest FIFA game of Manchester and Galaxy. Now, Galaxy's about to make the goal of the century, but literally, just seconds before Beckham makes the kick, you lose connection. 

Next thing you see, they’re celebrating the winning goal. You’re feeling miserable for missing out on that epic (not to mention, LIVE) moment just because you got disconnected from your so-called “reliable” Wi-fi. Sure, you could TiVo it or watch it on Youtube; but the feeling won’t compare as to you actually witnessing it in real time.

Apple’s iOS 9 includes a great solution to a faulty Internet connection. They call this simple feature "Wi-Fi Assist."

Apple’s found a great (and obvious) solution to this, especially if you’re subscribed to a cellular data. They call this great feature: Wi-Fi Assist. 

9to5Mac first released the news a few days ago. Registered developers have temporary access to Wi-FI Assist through the iOS 9 beta. It’s a simple concept, really. It basically drops you to your cellular data network if you get cut from your Wi-Fi. It will help you stay connected once it slows down, or suddenly dies on you.


Wi-Fi Assist makes things easier: by toggling this feature, your Apple device automatically connects to your cellular data network between internet surfing during lousy connectivity.  

Usually, what happens is that when your Apple device is connected to a lousy Wi-Fi signal, you would have to disable Wi-Fi to prevent reconnecting to it.

Wi-Fi Assist makes things a lot easier without you having to toggle your Wi-Fi settings in between internet surfing. By clicking “On” on the Wi-Fi Assist, reconnecting to your cellular data is done automatically if you experience those problems.

I know it seems like I shouldn't be making a big deal about this. It looks like one of those features that you think to yourself "Why did they even do this?". But you can’t underestimate how useful this feature can be. It makes internet surfing a cakewalk, even through faulty connectivity.

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