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Your iPhone's Security Will Chill When At Home

A new security system will allow your iPhone to automatically unlock at home

Anne Parsons
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Are you tired of punching in the however-many-digit code to unlock your phone after every time you leave it down? Worker bees at Apple are currently engineering a system for iPhones that would allow your phone to automatically unlock once it is in a “safe zone”, such as at home or your office.

In the patent that Apple have filed, they outline that they want the iPhone’s security to be scaled up or down depending on self identified locations, which would mean the security is lessoned to a mere swipe across the screen instead of a passcode if in a 'safe' area, with higher security measures when in an ‘unsafe’ area.

The phone would be able to identify its location using a variety of means including phone signal, Wi-Fi networks, GPS, Bluetooth etc. At least two of these variables will be required to correspond with each other before the security is changed.

However Apple is not exactly first off the mark with the technology. Google applied for a pantent last year.


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