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Iron Man Hands

Check out this laser glove!

Nicole Billitz
Iron Man Hands © 2019 Patrick Priebe

Laser enthusiast (polymer, and paint lab technician) Patrick Priebe, who runs the website Laser Gadgets, recently built a red and gold glove that has both red and blue lasers, just like Iron Man’s.

It can blow up balloons, burn wood, and even turn paper into smoke. And he did it all in three weeks.

Basically, soon enough we have the laser part of the Iron Man suit invented.

In his video demonstration, Priebe illustrates just how a 3000mW blue laser embedded in the palm of the glove, can blow up said balloons, burn wood, and scorches an orange.

The smaller (and less effective), 700mW red laser, which rests on the outside of the glove, can only really destroy balloons.

Priebe, who is based in Germany, insists that despite its comic book origin - it is no toy. His glove receives the same reaction from both paper and human skin. He also says that looking directly at the lasers is damaging to the eyes.

But more importantly, as if his lasers weren't cool enough, they can also eject a metal shell from under the top cover.

The 32-year old first started building real-life versions from his favorite movie gadgets, like Spider-Man’s Web shooter. He’s also built an Iron Man laser gauntlet and an Iron Man missile. Unfortunately though, he says he isn’t going to make the whole Iron Man suit just yet.  

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