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Is Apple Turning Into Android?

The iconic iPhone is diverging

Molly Holt
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Apple have always been arrogant and a little bit selfish. Remember the old keynotes where Steve Jobs told us precisely what we wanted, and how much we were going to pay for it. There was no choice, there was just one iPad, one iPhone, and one message: that you needed this device, whatever it was.

He even poked fun at Microsoft’s mass different-but-the-same options, jokingly offering five versions of Mac OS X Leopard: “Seriously, we have one version of Leopard, it’s got everything in it and we hope you love it as much as we do”.

Well, that all seems to have gone out the window, with last nights launch revealing an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 6 Plus, on top of the pre-existing iPhone 5S and 5C models - and that’s before you even choose from a selection of colour and storage options. The same goes for the Watch. Two sizes (1.5 and 1.65 inches), three different casing options, lots of customizable face options, and about 20,000 different straps to pick from.

Even the iPads are doing it. Two sizes, with or without Retina displays, as well as a skinnier, more pricey version.

Apple seems to be merging into its arch enemy even more than ever, as it spills out devices left, right and centre in the hope that at least one of them will hit the target. Samsung’s machine-gun approach has built it a bit of a reputation, but it seems to partly be paying off. Its 5.3-inch Galaxy Note phablet seemed to be the lost boy of electronics when first released, sitting awkwardly in between tablet and smartphone, yet its sales increase every year and always hit over the 10 million mark.

Although Apple has wisely taken note of the world’s partiality to a phablet, many condemned its decision to follow the masses. The Cupertino company needs to remember that it can’t please everyone, and its newfound device diarrhea is affecting its famous reputation as the ultimate ideal.

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