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Is Kickstarter Film Fest Coming To A City Near You?

Kickstarter have raised $225m for film projects that would have never been made

Anne Parsons
Is Kickstarter Film Fest Coming To A City Near You?© 2018 Scott Beale at Flickr

Kickstarter by name, kickstarter by nature. Since the crowdfunding platform launched five years ago, it has given hope to budding filmmakers around the world. It has raised almost $225 million in pledges for film projects that otherwise would never have been made. Some of these projects went on to pick up awards at Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca and Cannes, others have featured on HBO, PBS and Showtime networks. Just last year, a Kickstarter project, Inocente, won Best Documentary (Short Subject) at the Oscars.

This year’s Kickstarter films are now going to tour around as part of the Kickstarter Film Fest. The festival is going to take place in three cities: New York, on the 18th of July, Los Angeles on the 12th of September, and London, the date of which is to be confirmed.

This is the fourth year of the festival, and this year had over 1000 entries, From these submissions the festival will have a selection of feature films, documentaries, animations and shorts. Some of the selections we’ve read about are a zombie comedy (Night of the Living Deb), Libyan rebels documentary (First to Fall) and an animated sheep story (Me & Ewe).

The festival has been more hyped this year thanks to Kickstarter’s new video hub, Watch Now, which they launched on iTunes in March.

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