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Is Samsung Making A Handset With Dual, Foldable Screens?

The rumors make it believable

Nicole Billitz
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As per usual, the rumor mill is swirling with new information. According to several websites, Samsung has been developing patents for dual screen and foldable smartphones and tablets.

It’s new smartphone, Project Valley, is still in early stages of development but rumors seem to believe that this is the future of Samsung handsets.

Project Valley is rumored to feature two screens, which can be activated by using multiple gestures. Obviously, for two screens, it kind of implies that there will be some kind of foldable device as well. If the rumors are to be believed, Samsung has been looking to produce a foldable device by as early as 2016. Project Valley (or Project V) seems to be just such a device.

We already saw with the newest line of Galaxy devices that Samsung doesn’t fear the curve (in the Galaxy S6 edge). Obviously, nothing is for certain, and we won’t see Project Valley for a while, if at all, but Samsung is filing the patents, so we can afford to be optimistic.

But in the mean time, I am totally prepared to fantasize about how epic a brand new foldable Samsung Galaxy Note would be. Imagine all the notetaking that could done. It also has huge implications for the tablet scene, and for students!

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