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Is Snapchat Secretly Building Smart Glasses?

A New Gadget Could Be In The Works

Lauren Messer
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I have to admit that I had such a hard time on boarding to Snapchat that I almost didn't want to use it all together. Bullied by some close friends, I finally agreed that I would try to get better at it and now I'm the person whipping my camera out to try to capture interesting things for my story or sending ridiculous faces to my brother. I couldn't believe how much time people spent using the Lenses feature that lets you throw up rainbows...until I gave it a try too and realized just how addicting Snapchat can be. 

Snapchat seems to be hiring wearable experts, which could mean that there is a gadget in the works.

Now the video messaging application might be pioneering into another field with a unique new way to snap the world around you. Snapchat appears to be hiring wearable experts, which could mean that there is a gadget in the works. Though most likely only in the early planning or development stage, it seems like Snapchat is experimenting with a wearable that might resemble something like Google Glass. If you could wear the tech that lets you capture video, I imagine that the stories posted would be even more real and seem to come from a first-person point of view. When Snapchat first added the ability to post your story to local live stories, it was a unique idea because you might see the same awesome concert or last minute goal from several different points of view. 

Ex-Microsoft recruiter Mark Dixon was recently hired and since he's worked on the Holo Lens and Xbox, it looks like Snapchat may really be building their dream team. Eyewear designer Lauryn Morris, who has worked with brands like Micheal Kors and Zac Posen is also part of the lineup. And Snapchat works with Innovega, a company that has already designed and created mixed-reality glasses. They also acquired Vergence Labs in 2014, which is another company that has already worked with glasses that record the video the wearer sees. 

Snapchat Rainbow Ghost.pngSource: Gary Vaynerchuk 

Since spokespersons for Snapchat have declined to comment, the designs and development of a wearable gadget might still be top secret. We'll have to stay tuned to the Snapchat story to see what their team will think of next. It could be a whole new ballgame if the application creates an even trendier way to use their video capturing system or it could mean more people making total idiots of themselves in public so they can send videos to their friends. Who knows?   

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