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Is The Moto G Worse Than Its Predecessor?

Sometimes update is just a word…

Michael Cruickshank
Is The Moto G Worse Than Its Predecessor?© 2019 Motorola Mobility

When the first Moto G was released just under a year ago, it was a major coup for Motorola. The device was a massive hit in developing markets, becoming the company’s best selling phone ever, as well as the top selling smartphone in the huge developing markets of Mexico and Brazil. Knowing this, we had expected that the new version of the Moto G would be given a large amount of attention by the company.

But strangely enough it seems that Motorola has treated the new Moto G as more of an afterthought, than a serious new release. The new device features an updated camera, increased to 8MP rear facing, 1.3MP front, as well as new inbuilt stereo speakers. Alongside this, the company has increased the screen size of the phone’s HD screen from 4.5 to 5 inches. Finally, Motorola also chose to include a SD card slot to allow for greatly expanded phone storage.

Image: © 2014 Motorola

While there are some new features, what is more interesting, and rather disappointing for such a popular device, is what Motorola chose not to update. The new Moto G features no improved processor, GPU or RAM, an unusual oversight which could end up hurting the phone. While the current version of the phone runs well on Android 4.4 Kit Kat,  its now lower-end specs could encounter problems on the soon-to-be-released Android version 5.0, which heavily features depth-based animations.

The pixel density of the earlier Moto G model is actually higher than that of the ‘updated’ version.

The screen as well seems a strange alteration. While the overall size of the screen has increased, its resolution has not. The end result is that the pixel density of the earlier Moto G model was actually higher than that of the ‘updated’ version. Lastly, the previous Moto G was criticized for lacking 4G LTE connectivity, prompting Motorola to release a new model with this feature. This makes it all the more confounded that Motorola chose once again to leave this feature out of their new model.

It is too early to say if the mediocre adjustments that the company made to the Moto G will be enough for it to hold its position in an ever more competitive battle for the low end of the market, however it definitely won’t help their chances.


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