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Is the Nintendo Switch worth it in 2023?

Nintendo Switch has been the best-selling console since its release, offering players a unique and versatile gaming experience. But is it worth the hype? We put the Switch to the test to give you an in-depth review. Read on to discover our thoughts on the console's design, performance, game library, and more.

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Is the Nintendo Switch worth it in 2023?

In 2023, the Nintendo Switch has been on the market for six years and continues to be a favorite among gamers. We recently tested a Nintendo Switch with two iconic games: Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In this review, we'll explore if the Nintendo Switch remains a worthwhile purchase in 2023, considering upcoming releases and potential future models.

Game Library

The most important thing about a console is its catalog of games. Nintendo learned this in the 8-bit era, and they applied the lesson in each and every one of their machines. The Switch is no exception.

The Nintendo Switch has a vast game library captained by their most renowned franchises, such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and Pokémon, and followed closely by others like Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros, and Splatoon.

Of course, there are also third-party jewels, like Monster Hunter Rise or Bayonetta 3, and ports of some of the best games ever, like The Witcher 3, Skyrim, Minecraft, Bioshock or the Final Fantasy titles of the 32 and 64-bit era.

Furthermore, its ever-expanding list of indie games like Hades, Hollow Knight and Stardew Valley ensures players have access to a diverse array of gaming experiences.

If we focus on the present and close future, this year, Nintendo Switch already received some remarkable titles like Fire Emblem Engage or Metroid Prime Remastered (a must if you loved the original Game Cube game or you just like good game design). The upcoming sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (for many, one of the top 5 best videogames in history), The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, will round off a year of powerful releases: Pikmin 4, Hogwarts Legacy, Hollow Knight: Silksong… Switch still has a long way to go.

The quality of the Switch catalog is beyond any question, but of course, it has some shortcomings. There are no serious exponents of racing games (apart from the excellent Mario Kart 8 deluxe, but nothing similar to Forza or Gran Turismo), and due to its lack of power, it definitely falls short for those who are looking for state-of-the-art graphics or performance, making impossible to enjoy the last installments of some relevant franchises like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto or Elden Ring, which are not present in the catalog.


Nintendo Switch comes in 3 flavors:

  • Nintendo Switch: The original model of the hybrid console. Removable joy-cons and a dock to connect it to your tv. It may be the least appealing model in 2023.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: In 2019, Nintendo launched an "only portable" Switch. No dock, integrated controls, smaller (5.5-inch screen vs. 6.2-inch screen), lighter (277g vs. 399g), and cheaper (around 100€ less). For some people, the movement looked weird at the beginning because the Switch was always advertised as a hybrid console, but it totally made sense. The Switch Lite has the same power as the standard Switch, and you can play almost the entire game catalog on it (except for the games that use the motion detection features of the joy-cons). It can be perfect for you if you want it to play mostly in portable mode.
  • Nintendo Switch OLED: Released in October 2021, this version offers several improvements over the original console. The most significant upgrade is the 7-inch OLED display, which provides more vibrant colors and deeper blacks compared to the original 6.2-inch LCD screen. Additionally, the OLED Model features a redesigned, more stable kickstand for tabletop gaming, improved audio for a more immersive sound experience, and 64 GB of internal storage — double the capacity of the original console. If you are considering buying a Switch and the Lite falls short for you, then the OLED model is a perfect choice.

A lot has been written about the possibility of a Switch Pro shortly after the console came out because it was obvious from the beginning that the machine was lacking in power, showing difficulties maintaining the frame rate or the resolution in several of its titles, but when Nintendo released the OLED model, less than two years ago, they didn't upgrade its power. It is true that 6 years after the release of the base model, Nintendo Switch is still the best-selling console (17.3 million in 2022, followed by PS5 with 12 million), but it is also true that it should have already passed half of its life cycle, especially if we take into account how outdated its hardware is.

Will Nintendo go for a Switch Pro, a retro-compatible Switch 2, or a totally new and different machine? Hard to predict, but considering that Switch is selling more than PS5 and Xbox Series, and those ones are still taking off, it would make sense to think that Nintendo wants to support Switch for a while longer.


The Nintendo Switch stands out for its portability. Its ability to function as a handheld device and a home console make it perfect for on-the-go gaming, distinguishing it from competitors.

Nintendo claims the console's battery life ranges from 4.5 to 9 hours for the base and the OLED models, and from 3 to 7 hours for the Lite model, depending on the game, which is adequate for most gaming sessions. Additionally, the Switch's compact design and lightweight nature make it an excellent travel companion.

Joy-Con issues

During our testing, we didn't encounter any issues with the controllers. However, it's worth noting that some users on Reddit have reported the "Joy-Con drift" problem. This issue occurs when the Joy-Con analog sticks detect movement without user input, causing characters or menus to move unintentionally. Nintendo has recognized the problem and offers free repairs in some regions.

Online Services

Nintendo Switch Online offers multiplayer gaming, cloud saves, and a selection of classic NES and SNES games. Nevertheless, the service isn't as comprehensive as competitors like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass, which have larger libraries and more advanced features. However, with a lower price point, Nintendo Switch Online remains a viable option for those seeking basic online functionality.

Should you buy it?

Ultimately, the decision to purchase a Nintendo Switch depends on your gaming preferences. For fans of Nintendo's exclusive titles like the Super Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon franchises, the Switch offers an unmatched experience, as these games are unavailable on other platforms. The console also excels in providing family-friendly and local multiplayer games, making it a great choice for social gaming with friends and family.

Additionally, it should be noted that its game catalog shines on some more niche genres, like JRPGs or Tactical-RPGs. It also has a lot of ports, remakes, and remasters of some of the best games in history, and it's one of the favorite platforms for indies. These aspects, together with the fact that you can play all of this while you are lying in the shade of a tree or in bed at night, can convince some specific profiles of players that they will find in a Switch their perfect choice.

If you are looking for a more hardcore gaming experience with cutting-edge graphics, the latest AAA titles, and more extensive online services, the Xbox or PlayStation may be better suited to your needs. These consoles boast more powerful hardware and advanced online services, making them ideal for gamers seeking high-fidelity visuals and a wide range of online features.

For those who prioritize portability and the ability to game on the go, the Nintendo Switch remains the top contender in the market (with, maybe, the exception of the Steam Deck, which plays in a much higher league of size, power, and price, but lacks exclusive titles). Its unique hybrid design allows for seamless transitions between handheld and home console gaming, offering a versatile gaming experience that no other console can match.


We received a Nintendo Switch to test as part of the Amazon Creator Labs. However, that didn´t affect our review; the experience outlined above is objective and based on our experience.

CPU speedRAMGPU clock speedinternal storagenumber of gamesfloating-point performance
Nintendo Switch4 x 2GHz4GB768MHz32GB71651 TFLOPS
Nintendo Switch Lite4 x 2GHz4GB768MHz32GB44051 TFLOPS
Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)4 x 2GHz4GB768MHz64GB44051 TFLOPS
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