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Is Your Biggest Relationship With Your Smartphone?

The ironic app helps you take a step back from sleeping next to your smartphone

Molly Holt
Is Your Biggest Relationship With Your Smartphone?© 2019 Moment

Whether its enriching our lives or stopping us from seeing the world, there’s no denying that we all spend far too much time on our phones. The solution? An app of course! Yep, there’s even an app for tracking your other apps. But rather than another social network that we check on the train to work every morning, ‘Moment’ is “designed to be invisible”, constantly monitoring your usage and sending you alerts when you’re reaching your daily limits.

Creator Kevin Holesh invented the ironic app after realising how much his dependence on technology affected his life and relationships, with people having no idea just how much time they really spend scrolling through their different newsfeeds. Studies reveal that we check our mobiles around every six minutes, adding up to 150 minutes a day, yet when asked to estimate their daily usage, Holesh found that people were “almost always 50% too low”. That’s where “Moment” comes in. Free on iOS, the app tracks your daily wired usage and location so you can assess your smartphone addiction, but it will cost you $1.99 to receive alerts reminding you that you’re already halfway through your allowance before you’ve even stepped into the office. With technology slowly becoming embedded in every aspect of our lives - from our eyes, to our home to our hands, “Moment” attempts to build a balance between sharing our experiences, and sharing becoming our experiences. So if the last time you turned your phone off was when you boarded an aeroplane, then Kevin Holesh has the app for you.

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