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Is Your Country Censoring The Internet?

New interactive map pinpoints world’s worst offenders

Michael Cruickshank
Is Your Country Censoring The Internet?© 2018 IVPN

When the Internet was first created it was envisaged as way to allow the free flow of information through an unblockable distributed network which bled across borders. Unfortunately, these initial hopes were wildly optimistic, and as it turns out, there are a myriad of ways in which governments (and companies) can censor information appearing online. Often the worse part about this sort of censorship is that it remains invisible…

Now, VPN provider IVPN.com has been working to bring us an interative map showing which areas of the world are the worst offenders when im comes to censoring the internet. Nations are judged on a series on 8 criteria, including fields like the use of pro-government content manipulators, the imprisonment of bloggers, and recent internet shutdowns, in order to determine how censored their internet is.

China takes the pole position as the world's worst internet censor

The map shows the usual offenders which it comes online clampdowns: countries like Iran, Vietnam, Turkey and Russia all fare poorly. Unsurprisingly, China takes the pole position as the worst internet censor, scoring a 38 out of a possible 40 points. While this is not new information, the map also shows which countries in the Western world are being threatened by government action to restrict the free flow of information online.

Clearly, internet freedom is battle far from being won, and it requires constant vigilance to be maintained. 

Internet Censorship Around The World | IVPN.net

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