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It Explodes, It Burns, What More Can You Ask For?

Even Amazon Sees Its Threat To Society

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One of the most-wished gift for this season is the hoverboard. Aside from promoting laziness and being anti-walking, the two-wheeled device had became status symbol for some. It became extremely popular due to celebrities like reality star turned model Kendall Jenner and crooner John Legend sharing their moments of wobbling around their hoverboards on their respective Instagram Accounts. Even Justin Bieber's music video "What Do You Mean" features the two-wheeled scooter making it a worldwide must-have especially for teens. There's also the appeal of it being the closest thing to what Back To The Future films promise of the levitating hoverboard.

But it's not all that it's cut out to be. The dangers of the hoverboard are among us and we should all be wary! As soon as the season to be jolly rolled in, reports about the Hoverboard being the hottest (and we mean this literally) immediately rolled out. In fact, in Louisiana a family home was said to be burned down due to the self-balancing scooter. It occured while the young boy, who received it as a gift from his mom, was charging the prized item and soon enough there were flames shooting from both ends of it. In the last three months, DailyMail reports that there had been at least eigth injuries which required hospitalization involving hoverboards.

In Alabama, Timothy Cade even caught in video how his brand-new hoverboard literally exploded into flames. These incidents prompted action from all over the world against the two-wheeled menace. In UK, more than 15,0000 hoverboards were confiscated as it was seen unsafe and potential hazards. In New York, it's illegal to be riding it in public which will actually make you shell out a fine of up to $200.

Then there's the hoverboard thief, a guy was caught on video stealing a pack of energy drinks aboard the self-balancing scooter. What's crazy is that the theft is not the big issue but him riding the hoverboard in the sidewalk. He might be prosecuted under the Highway Act of 1835 under the law of the United Kingdom which states that anyone is probited from using the sidewalk to "lead or drive any horse, ass, sheep, mule, swine, or cattle or carriage of any description." And you guessed it right, the hoverboards is definitely in that "carriage of any description" category.

All these horrors definitely prompted Amazon to halt the sales of some hoverboards on their online stores. Swagway, one of the leading brands of hoverboard, was all smug about being one of the few that gets to keep its place in the digital shelves. Some other brands including Phunkeeduck, Razor, and Jetson seems to be in the league of approved hoverboards as well. Hoverboards can cost from $300 to $1800 but some really cheap ones can be bought for only $150. Of course, the cheaper it is the more you will question how safe it is to use.

But even without the reports of the evil that comes along the hoverboard whether it is being used for crime or exploding on its own, the scooters are already a hazard on its own. How many have injured themselves using it? Probably thousands and here's a proof for you:

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