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It's Not Just About iOS versus Android, This Time!

Apparently, It's Not Just About iPhones And MacBooks Anymore!

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It looks like Apple wanted to challenge Google in more than just an OS battle

Lately there seems to be a thin line between electronic companies and car manufacturers. With everything trying to keep up with technology and it's trip in the fast lane, even Apple didn't want to be left behind. With the recently reported acquisition of domains apple.car, apple.cars, and apple.auto made public by Apple-centric site MacRumors and reports like that from The Wall Street Journal last September, there seems to be no question that the iPhone maker is gearing towards producing cars.

It looks like Apple wanted to challenge Google in more than just an OS battle as the former is said not to just be targeting the electric-vehicle market but also trying their hands on producing autonomous or self-driving car. This Apple-flavored vehicle effort, codenamed Project Titan, has thousands of employees trying to perfect the seamless integration of hardware and software which is what modern cars are all about these days. Apple had reportedly poached numerous automotive employees from well-known car manufacturers including electric-car giant Tesla. Even Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, agrees that it’s an open secret that Apple is indeed making a car. 

Apple seems confident that can launch a great electric and technology advanced car by 2019.

Although unlike Google who partners with well-established car manufacturers to perfect their self-driving cars, Apple seems confident that they'd be able to launch a great electric and technology advanced car by 2019 on their own. Many questions are running through our minds though, if an iCar is indeed in the horizon, what will set it apart from the jaw-dropping features that smart cars are already offering at the moment? Will it also come in different colors and types? How will it fare with the competition? One thing is for sure though, Apple is doing their best to cover all the bases and be prepared for any possible mishaps. According to a report from The Guardian they had attempted to have a secure testing grounds for their self-driving cars in San Francisco and talked to the California law enforcers regarding the regulation for autonomous vehicles.

Apple CarPlay is available on 100 car models from 21 brands.

But then again, who knows? Maybe we're just getting our hopes up especially since they are currently putting a lot of effort in their CarPlay technology. During CES last week, Apple made news through auto giants Volkswagen, Ford, and Chrysler as their service is integrated in several car models. In fact, there's now a dedicated website which lets you know if CarPlay is compatible with your ride or not. Now available in over 100 models from 21 brands, CarPlay seems to be making sure Apple is everywhere, literally! If this is indeed a way for the tech titan to go beyond Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, and smartwatches, then we better be ready to cruise down the streets in our iCars sooner or later. It’s definitely not just about Android versus iOS in the coming years eh?


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