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Keep Your Eye on Google Glass

Google Glass Coming Back as a Monocle?

Lauren Messer
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Remember how awesome everyone thought Google Glass was in 2013? Oh wait, that's not how the story went at all. While tech junkies everywhere were excited at the possibilities of having a mobile headset to instantly access knowledge and record their awesome lives, the public couldn't help but smack users with a wake up call about the practical burdens the device could potentially bring.

It appears that the Google Monocle could be in development according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which has granted a patent for what could be the future of Google Glass.

The product from the future received backlash for privacy concerns with its video capturing capabilities and ability to snap photos instantly with a simple voice command. While people generally know and understand that Big Brother is everywhere, they seem to be more offended at the idea that an individual could walk around with the ability to record and send their private conversations into cyberspace. It was met with concerns about the possible side effects of wearing something with wifi so close to your brain for long periods of time and questioned as a safety hazard for people driving or even walking while wearing the apparatus on their face.

It also basically created a general disdain for users who walked around with endless information at their fingertips, like the kid in class who did their homework and extra research just for "fun" in grade school. The super-hyped glasses that were supposed to be essentially a head-mounted wearable computer but they caught so much flack that the media even coined a new term to users, calling them "glassholes." That's right, the old stigma is still true - nobody likes a know-it-all with glasses. 

But, since 2013 we haven't heard much from Google about the future of this wearable, until this week. It appears that the Google Monocle could be in development according to the  U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which has granted a patent for what could be the future of Google Glass. From the looks of it, the headband will be able to be fitted to the user and it adjusts to their specifications everytime that the device is put on. Here's the official description of the latest development:

"The band is adjustable such that it can be configured by a user to contact the head of the user at a first location near a temple, a second location along a portion of the user’s ear adjacent the temple, and at a third location along a rear position of the head of the user." 

There's no word of whether or not Google has been working on the software behind the headband, but now we know that idea of Google Glass is not dead just yet. Keep your eye out for more developments!



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