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Kickstart Your Next Lawsuit

The future of justice is in the hands of investors

Nicole Billitz
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LexShares is service based in New York that is attempting to allow certain litigants the ability to crowdfund their lawsuits against more formidable, and more wealthy people.

It has been a long time practice to allow corporate cases the ability to privately fund lawsuits. LexShares is now attempting to eliminate specified cases. Rather, they are attempting to open up a market on a legal campaign that receive return on investment only from wins. As TechCrunch reports, “The company’s platform connects accredited investors with plaintiffs in commercial lawsuits to make an equity investment in a specific case. If the plaintiff wins (primarily through out-of-court settlements) then the investor receives a portion of the proceeds from the settlement or court judgement (it’s typically a settlement)”.

Image: © 2014 Lex Shares

Partner Chris Lynch maintains the through crowdfunding, the amount of illegitimate and frivolous lawsuits would be reduced because all proposals considered would first go through Jay Greenberg and Max Volsky, authors on crowdfunding legal claims.

LexShare would provide a transparent and effective way to connect plaintiffs with investors, which would help secure wins. Not only would this help plenty of disenfranchised groups, but it would also help fund projects that are largely kept out of the press.

“Financing is key to the success of a lawsuit. Large companies often have an unfair advantage because they have virtually unlimited access to legal resources that individuals or smaller companies do not,” Volsky said.

Companies involved in the lawsuit would be able to post their case to the website, which would be shared online for accredited investors to review. The investors would then decide if they wanted to invest, and could track litigation for up to 5 years, by which time, remuneration or return on investment would be expected.

Currently, LexShares has already funded a case worth $40 million dollars in claim value, and has multiple other investment opportunities.

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