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Kindle Too Big? Why Not An InkCase?

E-Ink isn't just for books anymore…

Michael Cruickshank
Kindle Too Big? Why Not An InkCase?© 2018 Oaxis

Why own both a Kindle E-reader and a smartphone or tablet? Why have one screen when you can have two? This is the philosophy behind the InkCase+ - the first e-ink display which works directly with, and as a supplement to your standard smartphone display.

Coming in the form of a small e-ink display slotted inside a phone case, the InkCase+ is an interesting reinvention of the standard (and tired) phone case. The display itself is an always on e-ink display which provides the user with 19 hours of screen time on a single charge. While it is not a touch screen, it does have several physical buttons integrated, which allow a user to interact with on-screen data.

Effort has also been made to keep the device as small and light as possible. The whole unit is just 5mm thick, and weighs in at a mere 45g. In terms of design, the display is built to be fully modular, so it can easily be swapped around and slotted into the case for a much larger or smaller phone.

In terms of functionality, the screen is much more versatile than what you might expect from a standard e-reader. Firstly, the device can of course be used to read e-books in a low-power reading mode, but its real killer apps come from its ability to mirror your smartphone’s regular screen.

This mirroring functionality, allows the user to create dynamic e-ink backgrounds for their phone, which then forms part of their case, through the always-on display. In addition, users can perform functions like receiving calls and messages, taking and viewing photos, and even receiving social media notifications.

The company behind the InkCase+, Oaxis Inc, is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds for the first production run of the device. An $80 contribution will buy a backer the first iteration of the InkCase+ alongside supporting the project.  Currently, they have exceeded their funding target, and will begin production imminently.  

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