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Knock May Be Possibly The Most Annoying App Ever

Downloading this will probably get you into lots of trouble at work, home and with your friends.

Molly Holt
Knock May Be Possibly The Most Annoying App Ever© 2018 Max Khokhlov - Flickr

We spend our life on our smartphones these days but somehow we still dont ever get round to replying to half of our texts. Facebook tells you if they’ve read it, Whatsapp shows you when they were last online, and now Knock can simulate an incoming call to get their attention.

Whatever your excuse for ignoring a message, whether its ‘no I’m definitely not texting my friends during this important meeting’, ‘yes I am pretending I’m asleep so I don’t have to meet you, weird guy I met in a club last week’ or ‘of course I’m nearly there and definitely not still at home choosing an outfit’, Knock seems to think that its new app will simplify the strenuous and complex task of sending a text.

So once you’ve managed to convince your friends to download an app which lets you harass them, your messages to them will ring like a phone call. Alongside your text will be a “yes” or “no” option, asking if they want to share their location or not. These screen options will stay for 60 seconds while ringing, but if they still manage to ignore you, the “Knock” disappears and becomes a “missed Knock”. Just like normal texts, you’ll be able to see your Knock history, which tells you all your sent and received messages as well as their responses. It all sounds well and good, but does anybody actually want it? Although its true that yes, most texts can be answered with either a yes, no, or ‘I’m nearly there’, did CEO Narayan Babu ever think about why such simple texts are being swiped away? It doesn’t look like it no. But if you do decide to download Knock, just make sure you don’t tell your mum about it. Those constant comments on all your Facebook photos are bad enough.

Knock is currently only available on Android but an iOS version is expected in the near future.

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