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Leaked from China: The iPhone 6!

This is almost certainly the real deal…

Michael Cruickshank
Leaked from China: The iPhone 6!© 2018 Weibo - @瑞记

We’ve seen a lot of leaks coming out in recent weeks regarding the final design of the iPhone 6, but this is by far the most convincing of the lot. A Chinese tech blogger from web site CNBeta who goes by the Sina Weibo handle @瑞记 managed to get his hands on what seems to be a fully functioning 4.5 inch iPhone 6.

The device in question fits in with many of the prior leaks regarding the device, including increased screen size and more iPad-esque volume buttons. As well, the new phone also seems to feature a screen which curves slightly away towards its edge-bezel, as well as a camera lens which protrudes somewhat from the phone’s case.

In terms of software the phone seems to be running iOS8, similar to what was shown of to developers at the WWDC conference earlier this year. The larger screen size allows for an extra row of app icons, and the the camera app appears to take photographs at a much faster rate than in previous iPhone versions. As well, the Chinese video blogger demonstrates a working TouchID application on the phone in order to prove its authenticity.

Check out this revealing new video below!

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