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Leaked: Windows 9 Footage!

This could be your next operating system!

Michael Cruickshank
Leaked: Windows 9 Footage!© 2018 Windows

Windows 9 (likely to be called just ‘Windows’) is the next iteration of Microsoft’s highly successful operating system. This being said, its predecessor, Windows 8, has been somewhat less than spectacular. Many users complained it was hard to use, and poorly optimised for the bulk of desktop business computers. Compounding this, Microsoft took away the Start menu, one of the mainstays of its operating system, in favour a separate screen, causing anger amongst the majority of users.

Knowing this backlash, Microsoft has been proceeding full steam ahead with a new version of the operating system, Windows 9. This operating system is likely to return the start bar, as well as feature different modes depending on the device being used. Now, as well, we are beginning to see more and more leaks of developmental builds of the operating system, showing different features at work.

In a series of videos by German site WinFuture, we get to see some of these new features in action. These include a new, fully integrated notifications hub, which corrales many of the updates which tended more to annoy than inform in Windows 8, as well and new virtual desktop features. In addition, we get a first look at the newly reformed Start menu, which includes many of the Metro-style apps which previously appeared on the Windows 8 ‘Start Screen’

Check out these interesting videos below!


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