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Let's Go Back To The Future!

Hover boards are coming!

Julius Tabios
Let's Go Back To The Future!© 2023 Lexus

Lexus is really taking the events that happened in the movie Back to the Future to heart.  Marty McFly played by the iconic Michael J. Fox got around a very different 2015. The movie is a far cry from the 2015 that we have today. The outrageous fashion and general hue is nowhere to be seen. But the movie may have gotten one thing right. We are going to be seeing hoverboards pretty soon.

Lexus says that the hoverboard will be arriving on August 5. By ‘arriving’ I highly doubt they mean it will be arriving for the general market. Doubtful! So maybe we will see more footage or ever an open exhibition of sorts somewhere in the world. They should absolutely try getting Tony Hawk to do 900 degree spins on that thing. That would be epic press...

Check out the announcement video below.  

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