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Let The Robots Do The Work

These automated helpers clean your home for you

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Sometimes a little help cleaning up at home counts for a lot. Especially when time is of the essence, cleaning duties can be a major chore that you just do not have time for. To help you out, here are 4 real smart appliances from iRobot that can do a fine job cleaning your home:

1. Roomba (Vacuum Cleaning Robot)

The Roomba series of robots makes use of the revolutionary AeroForce Performance Cleaning System. It can remove up to 50% more dust, dirt, and hair from your floors. It comes with AeroForce Extractors which make them essentially maintenance-free too. The Roomba gets around using the iAdapt Responsive Navigational Technology that allows it to clean your floor area no matter your home size or design.

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2. Scooba (Floor Scrubbing Robot)

Some floors just need a good scrubbing to get them clean. The Scooba could be the solution you need to get brilliantly clean floors! It is so simple to use. Just fill it up and press “clean.” The Scooba automatically sweeps, pre-soaks, scrubs, and squeegees your floors to remove tough stains and over 99.3% of bacteria.

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3. Braava (Floor Mopping Robot)

This little buddy uses disposable or reusable microfiber cleaning cloths to wipe your floors clean. Any and all surfaces are no match for the Braava and everything from dust to dirt gets cleaned up while you do your own thing. It is powered by the NorthStar Navigation System to make extra sure that every inch of your floor is wiped clean and not a single spot is missed.

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4. Looj (Gutter Cleaning Robot)

The Looj is a specialized iRobot that is most at home in gutters. Any and all gunk gets cleaned away as the Looj makes its own way down your gutters. It has a high-velocity, four-stage auger and clean mode. Like its cousins, it uses its own sensors to detect debris and cleans it so you do not have to. No other robot can clean out a 30-foot gutter in just five minutes.

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