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LG Release A Less Obnoxious G3

Just try ignore the weird name

Molly Holt
LG Release A Less Obnoxious G3

After sales of the G3 soared, LG did what every other mass money-making company does, and released a newer version, for people with smaller hands.

Sticking with many of the same specs as its predecessor such as its famous laser-guided and gesture autofocus camera, and self-learning keyboard, the “LG G3 Beat” as it has been oddly named, will feature as a smaller and cheaper version of the popular original. Released on Friday 18th July, the handset isn’t thought to retail at any higher than $500, yet will still come equipped with many of its older brother’s characteristics. The LTE, 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and removable 2,610 mAh battery are still there, but cuts have been made elsewhere. Although the camera’s laser mechanism stays, the G3’s 13 megapixels have been reduced to a (still decent) 8. The screen will also suffer, chopping off 5 inches to produce a 5-inch 1280x720 pixel, rather than a 5.5 2560x1440 HD IPS display (but that was all just a bit over the top anyway).

Although tomorrow’s announcement will only include Korea, the LG G3 Beat will be available globally soon, under the more sensible name of the LG G3 S. Much better. Seriously, what’s this whole ‘Beat’ thing about.

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