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LG's Best Kept Secret

8 million pixels in the making

Roselle Jean Dancel
LG's Best Kept Secret© 2018 Digital Trends

LG developed their newest television sets with their best yet: the 4K UHD technology! High resolution, realistic colors and great visual quality. Can you ask for more?

Imagine watching your favorite game on the current HDTVs, which offers around 1,920-twenty dots that make up your screen. Now, try imagining it to be around double in quality and clarity? Isn't that a great deal? Now, LG currently developed a kind of technology that is the key to revolutionizing current televisions! Their secret weapon? The LG 4K UHD Technology

For those who don't know UHD, it's basically a term they coined to describe higher resolutions than the HDTV. With this, you get a great viewing experience with its realistic colors and high frame rates. It's like what they say: "the more pixels, the sharper the image".LG 4K TV.pngLG incorporated this technology to their new release of television units. It has double the number of pixels, around 3,840-pix which is almost at 4,000; hence, the term "4K". It's 4 times that of a full HD set. If you take a close look at your monitor, pixels are not as noticeable. The nuances of light and shadow prop up their televisions with considerable depth and better perception of what ever's flashed on it. Some even claim that 2D 4K images even look three-dimentional. 

Fun fact: 4K technology was developed for the theatrical exhibition of movies (according to LG). It was to serve as an alternative to the expensive production and dispersal of film... but having qualities that can match a film's visual standards and performance. 

Aside from that, LG's 4K-runned televisions support high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) that supports 4K at 60 fps. Your TV will be 4K-future ready!LG 4K TV 2.png

Though the UHDs have a lot of layered transitions and low-key tone gradations, some people believe that it's not all that. 4K doesn't necessarily change anything with viewing experience according to some.

Though the LG 4K UHDs have a lot of layered transitions and have low-key tone gradations, some people believe that it's not all that.

The fact that LG promotes 4K televisions is being able to watch comfortably with a "clearer" picture may not be true for all. Remember that the people's vision are analog. Some may not see as clearly as others since their eyes can only take, or adapt, to certain visual factors.

Also, the "4K" label is like an instant money-maker for LG since customers (who are not so well-versed with specs) think that a greater number is better. Well, most of the time, it really is. But it's not as if you can watch movies better just because of the 4K attribute.

Whatever your take is on this, LG is getting a lot of exposure for this. Their secret "not-so-secret-anymore" weapon is getting people enthusiastic! Though 4K technology may seem like the current key to the "future" of televisions, we all have to keep an open mind of what might come out after this!

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