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Listen Up, Spotify Users

Spotify Finally Gave You That Feature You've Always Wanted

Anne Parsons
Listen Up, Spotify Users© 2018 Scott Beale at Flickr

For all you folks who listen to Spotify on iOS, I come with good news. You can now search downloaded music while offline! Wahoo. And it's about time.

To those of you who aren't on Spotify, this might seem like a mere piece of trivia, but to hardcore users, this makes a huge difference. We've all been clean out of wifi or had dodgy 3G and still wanted to pop in our headphones. This actually matters.  

The improved mobile experience for Spotify is a huge plus in my mind, and word on the street is that even non-subscribers to the service may soon be able to stream music on their mobiles, which is welcome news to all the broke students out there. I guess we'll have to just wait and see.


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