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|LIVE NOW|: Meerkat For Android

Android users: the long awaited Meerkat beta has arrived

Nicole Billitz
|LIVE NOW|: Meerkat For Android © 2023 pixel8ltd

 Since it’s release in March, Meerkat has taken the live streaming world by storm - the iOS world, anyways.

But Android users, your wait is over!

Meerkat has finally announced that Android users may sign up to receive access to the beta version of the Android app on Wednesday.

The company has been reassuring the public since the iOS version went LIVE (NOW) that the Android version of the livestreaming app would be available soon.

For those who want the app, simply sign up via the Google form. As of now, it’s still uncertain if Meerkat will limit the amount of beta users, as most companies usually do.

Until now, Meerkat and the its well known Twitter-owned rival Periscope have both only been iOS apps. Periscope has also confirmed that an Android version is a high priority for the platform, and that we will likely we see it very soon, but no confirmation yet on the exact time.

This news was quite timely for Meerkat, seeing as how Periscope just overtook Meerkat in terms of monthly active users - but now Meerkat will have an even wider audience to appeal to.


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