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Long Live Android Wear

Why Android Wear will have a long, lasting life thanks to Apple

Nicole Billitz
Long Live Android Wear

 So when the Apple Watch turns into a necessary tech product, just like our iPods, all those manufacturing smartwatches will benefit.

Thanks to the Apple Watch, Android Wear, will have a long and bright future. The longevity and popularity of smartwatches has long been debated, but after Apple decided to stake its claim in the wristwear game, the future was all but cemented.

After having revolutionized the music, smartphone and tablet industry, Apple is heralded as a legitimate and revolutionary force in the tech industry. However, despite the Apple Watch’s cool features, at the end of the day, its only a smartwatch, and honestly, there was no revolutionizing here.

But none of that matters. Apple evangelism exists, and more importantly, those that practice it the most devoutly will ensure the future this wearable. Numerous people still call their PC tablets “iPads”, and their music devices “iPods”, regardless of the manufacturer. Apple will manage to legitimize the smartwatch, just like they managed to do with iPods. So when the smartwatch turns into a necessary tech product, just like our smartphones, all those manufacturing smartwatches will benefit.

As Android is the biggest competitive operating system to iOS, the Android Wear has the biggest potential market. More importantly, Google is already attempting to make Android Wear iOS-compatible, which will underscore the Apple products and create a massive market for themselves.


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