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Luxury Hotel Is Also... A Train

The 'Cruise Train' adds a new angle to your commute

Molly Holt
Luxury Hotel Is Also... A Train© 2019 East Japan Railway Company

Securing its strong first position at the forefront of technological advancement, Japan has released images of its most recent modern invention: a luxury train. Although definitely not the first opulent mode of transport, the images sure make you wonder if its the best. Costing approximately $50 million and only seating 34 lucky (and probably wealthy) travellers, the Cruise Train, as it has now been aptly named, is expected to begin its luxury service in 2017. Now sit back, enjoy, and imagine what your commute would be like with just a few extra zeros in the bank.

Looks more like a posh Parisian restaurant than a train carriage

The exterior is much less ostentatious than what's inside, looking similar to the rest of Japan's trains.

That furniture.. those views.. suddenly travelling got a lot better. This looks more extravagant than where we'd actually be travelling to.

No more eating bags of crisps from the food trolley when travelling.

A chance for rich people to meet other rich people. We wish our dining areas at school looked like this.

Yep, that is a private (and nice looking) bathroom and fold out beds there.

But if pull out beds still remind you too much of peasants, there's always this split-level suite.

Screw the helicopter, we want to travel by Cruise Train.

All images courtesy of The East Japan Railway Company.

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