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Make Your Own Home-Made Drone

Or rather, Flone

Anne Parsons
Make Your Own Home-Made Drone© 2018 Flickr - Don McCullough

Last month, Google’s simple invention ‘Cardboard’ put Virtual Reality within everyone’s reach. All you need to make the headset is some cardboard and a smartphone.

Looks like paring things down to basics is the way forward. Two Spanish designers have just made an easily replicable personal aerial drone out of very basic parts - and a smartphone. In fact, they call their drone, the Flone.

Alexandre Oliver and Lot Amorós told the BBC that they want to make the air space accessible to everyone, rather than just the military or big multi-national companies.

They demonstrated the Flone at this year’s Sonar+D Festival in Barcelona. The device, which effectively turns a mobile phone into a drone, can fly up to 20m (65ft) above the ground while taking photos or videos. It simply requires a piece of wood, four small propellers, four electronic speed controllers, four motors, and a blue-tooth board to connect to the mobile phone.

The downloadable app is based on the same premise as a video game controller, rather than traditional radio controls because the team felt video games were more intuitive than traditional methods. The app stores all the metadata of your flight.

For more information on how to make your own Flone, click here.

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