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Mamabear App Makes Parenting Way Easier

Check your kids are safe online with this app

Anne Parsons
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The job of parents has increased exponentially since the rise of social media. Gone are the days of setting a curfew, offering the few words of sage advice when needed, and general TLC. Now parents have to monitor what their kids are doing on the internet, and considering how much time everyone spends online, this is a full-time job itself. It’s simply futile to ban your kids off all of their devices - it’s better to adapt to the situation at hand.

Mamabear is an app that launched two years ago, which helps parents monitor their kids’ presence on social media, across various channels. What’s really good about this nanny app is that it filters out a lot of unnecessary stuff, and saves you on time.


Both parents and kids download an app with different interfaces. In the parents newsfeed they can see updates on who your child is friending and following, and who’s following them back. Parents can approve instagram posts before they go out. Kids, on the other hand, can send “come get me” and “emergency” alerts.

Mamabear, which has aquired 120,000 installs, has just under 100,000 active parents. Recently Mamabear secured another $1.4 million in angel funding to enable them to fund growth and further development. 


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