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Marshall's Pretty Badass Creation

8 reasons why the Marshall London tops HTC M9 as the next music flagship

Roselle Jean Dancel
Marshall's Pretty Badass Creation© 2023 Marshall Headphones

The HTC M9 has received good reviews about being a music smartphone  - great sound quality, loud speakers and audiophile-grade headsets that comes with the box. But if you're an audiophile at heart, you should consider The London (and no, it isn’t the place in Great Britain).

Marshall has always been known for their quality headphones, speakers, and amplifiers. But did you know they’ve cooked up what they claim to be the “loudest smartphone” ever? Take a look at this list why you should consider the London over the M9.

1. Design

While the M9 enshrines a combination of plastic and metal exterior, the London sports a soft-touch faux leather finished with gold colored buttons that are reminiscent of their signature amplifiers. The M9 may be pretty, but the London’s pretty... badass.laalalala.jpg2. Processor

The M9 operates on a 1.5Ghz Snapdragon 810 processor; faster than the London's 1.2Ghz Snapdragon 410 processor. However, what’s great about the London is that it actually has a separate processor just for music (Cirrus Logic WM8281 Audio Hub) which paves way for high-res and quality sound.

3. Dual Headphone Jacks

While the M9 has one headphone jack, the London doubles the fun by having two! You can know share your favorite tunes to anyone and you both can trip out!

4. M-Button & Scroll Wheel 

The M-Button just makes music access to your London easy. It’s your one-click access to music. And with its scroll wheel, you can adjust your volume settings “manually” to hit your sweet spot.marshall-london-phone-6_1308.jpg5. Global Equalizer

BoomSound powered by Dolby technology is what improves the music quality of the M9. However, with the London’s 5 band global equalizer, it allows you to meticulously adjust sound settings, make and apply profiles to whatever music player you’re using.

6. Dual Microphones

Dual microphones allow the London to act like a portable recording studio. You’ll be amazed at what it can do, especially with a great noise reduction feature.

7. DJ-App

There are a lot of DJ apps out there that you can easily download to your M9. But with the London’s built-in DJ App, it provides users a fun way to tinker with music files, matching current music trends.DJ-app.jpgThere's no doubt that the Marshall London was specifically designed for and IS for audiophiles out there. The M9 isn't much of a contender if what you're looking for is a badass music smartphone.

Take a look at this for more about the Marshall London!

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