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Meet The 15 Best, New, And Free Apps Of 2015

And All Are Available On iOS And Android!

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The year is almost over and it's nice to look back at what it had offered us in the app department. Whether you have the trusted iPhone or one of the Android flagships from the big names like Samsung, Sony, LG, or HTC, this list will definitely let you know the best ones you should have downloaded this 2015. Excluding games, we'll be rounding up new additions to both Google Play Store and Apple App Store from photography, music, and other interests. Read on!

hbo now.jpgHBO Now

Those who loves their TV shows rejoiced when this standalone streaming app from HBO was announced. No more illegal downloading as you can finally access the network's originally produced shows such as Silicon Valley and even the most downloaded Game of Thrones. The app itself is free but it cost $14.99 a month if you don't have a cable subscription.

Source: Google Play


YouTube Gaming

Before this app came along, Twitch has been the one dominating the game streaming arena. But being the online video giant, YouTube dipped its fingers on the cauldron and created a game streaming app on their own. Both perfect for those avid gamers at heart and even the casual ones, this app easily gives users live videos, reviews, and challenges.

Source: Google Play


Launched last January, this airfare prediction app had always been consistent in being in the top 20 in the travel category in both operating systems. Vacation had never been easier and affordable, all thanks to Hopper. Users are given options for their flights including the best prices and even gets notification once the flight they're eyeing becomes more affordable.

Source: Google Play

StarWalk2.jpgStar Walk 2

For those who loves the night sky, this app is an interactive star gazing guide that shows you the exact positions of celestial objects on the sky while also providing detailed information about it. It delivers a great digital journey that lets you learn more about stars, comets, and constellations. At the moment, it's offered free for Android but still affordably available for iOS.

Source: Google Play


Launched last March, this app made waves as soon as it was released. Brought to us by the people behind Twitter, it easily became the top livestreaming app everywhere. From usual everyday users to even media companies using it to cover big events or even just simple life moments, it made competition like old timers YouTube Live and Meerkat pale in comparison. 

Source: Google Play


In 2015, Robinhood finally became available for everyone and shattered its invite-only exclusivity. If you had always been intimidated by finance and stocks trading, then be amazed how easy and simple it can be. Learn the ropes of stock trading, with great interface and easy to understand instructions, you'll soon find yourself buying and selling stocks soon enough!

Source: Google Play


If you're a space nut, then this app surely made all your 2015 wishes come true. The official NASA app gives you the latest news about the outer space along with amazing images form the space. Aside from browsing outer space photos, users can also check the latest launches and even the countdown clock, stream NASA TV, and read up on new NASA missions.

Source: Google Play



The app that makes shopping easier and definitely affordable. It finds great deals for you and even delivers it right at your door for free. It redefines smart shopping for you. Save up on everyday things and even the ones on your great wish list. It's no surprise it became one of the most favorite apps for 2015.

Source: Google Play


Well, technically it's not a game and it is said to fight off stress and anxiety. The coloring mania came and conquered both iPhones and Android phones in 2015 and Colorfy was the main app for it. Ranging from flowers to animals and even just basic patterns, users had a great time digitally coloring different designs. It promises to relax you in just a few taps.

Source: Google Play


The app that all Instagram users had been waiting for, a stitching service for your photos that can be easily shareable. It's simple to use and lets you click and drag photos to move frames with ease. Aside from its seamless integration to Instagram, you can also easily share your photo collages in Facebook and other platforms.

Source: Google Play


For some weird reason, amazing email apps are hard to come by and thankfully Microsoft knew the formula of finally delivering one. After buying Acompli and putting all the genius behind it to Outlook, the improved app serves as a great email client service especially Gmail. With plans of adding calendar capabilities to it soon, Outlook will definitely on its A-game come 2016. 

Source: Google Play

AppleMusicApp.jpgApple Music

Sure, it already came a bit late in the music streaming world but Apple definitely still delivered something that can rival old-timers. It has unique elements including the Beats 1 feature. Thankfully, Apple also made it available for Android. Its service is for free for the first 3 months, following months has a $10/month subscription fee.

Source: Google Play


Exclusivity is really being shattered this year. Cortana which was once only available for Microsoft users, yes looking at you Lumia owner, now arrived to iOS and Android. The mobile digital assistant now caters to everyone's needs and is available for free. You can try it out and see how it compares to ol' Siri and OK Google.

Source: Google Play

GooglePhotosApp.jpgGoogle Photos

The overhaul of the Photos app of Google was definitely a blessing for those who already lost track of their picture-taking activity. It lets you have an integrated access to all your photos even if you switch from one device to another. Create mini slideshows from your pictures of a certain day and lump those in the same category for easy searching.

Source: Google Play

StarWarsApp.jpgStar Wars: Card Trader

With the force awakening this year, this app is definitely worth downloading especially if you're a fan of the saga. It lets you reminisce to those days when you still collect all those trading cards in the past, but this time, digitally. Now, you can trade with anyone in the world and even still have that gut wrenching haggling for that priced card you've been eyeing for.

Source: Google Play

If you haven’t downloaded some of these apps on your phone, then what are you waiting for? 2016 is just around the corner and now is the best time to try it all out before new ones come along! Discover for yourself why these are the most talked about apps for 2015!

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