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Meet The Credit Card-Sized Supercomputer

The Poco® Powered by Raspberry Pi® chipset Wants To Be Your Every Gadget

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Imagine a tiny little gadget that can give you everything? Not sure if it's possible? Well, think again as Poco®, a multi-function supercomputer and as small as a credit card wants to be every gadget imaginable all rolled into one. Powered by open source and easy to customize and modify Raspberry Pi® chipset, the Poco can be an action camera, a gaming console, a web browser, an internet-reliant smartphone, and a Hi-Res music player and recorder.


Invented by Grant Sinclair, Poco is one of the most innovative gadgets set to wow the world. After all, Sinclair is the youngest of the family whose track record includes providing the world with the first pocket TV, slimline pocket calculator, mass-market digital watch, flat screen TV, and UK's best-selling PC just to name a few. In fact, even famous producer HowieB, who works with Björk, Tricky, Ry Cooder, Annie Lennox and more, claims Poco to be the creative tool that can become anything that you want it to be.

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Since the Raspberry Pi® can let you do whatever you wish to your Poco, you can use it as your superlight dual-action camera that might even rival the popular GoPro line. It shoots full HD 1080p video + 5MP still images from its dual front and back cameras and includes a super bright and programmable Cree LED flash. There's also a built-in 1/4 inch action mount that you can attach to your bike, car windshield, helmet, or tripod.

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The Poco's ultra sharp 2.8 inch IPS touchscreen display lets you view your videos but there's also an option for you to connect it to your TV or projector through a built-in micro HDMI port. As a game console, you can download Raspberry Pi® games including Quake, Minecraft and more than enjoy using the twin analog joysticks. But then again, if that doesn't suit you just program it to your heart's desire.

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Musicians will definitely love Poco as it promises up to 18x higher quality than MP3. It's built with a dynamic speaker and twin stereo high-fidelity microphones which you can easily enjoy by connecting to your sound system or home studio. There are 3 micro USB ports for you to easily connect the Poco to your stereo anytime.

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With its Wi-Fi capabilities, it's easy to surf the web and download content and music. Everything is programmable. With 400 miniature components, you can turn your Poco to a GPS, a Digital barometer, a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer, and a 3-axis magnetometer. That's definitely almost everything you can already with a piece of a computing device.

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Not a programmer? That's no problem, Poco wants everyone to learn and comes with a Creative instruction manual. They also encourage everyone to submit creative ways on how to use the Poco by submitting it to their website. Is supercomputer really the best description for the Poco? Maybe it's too early to tell but with how it looks at the moment it's certainly interesting. Too bad we'd have to wait until they are able to raise $300,000 to finish development which they are doing through Indigogo. So, will you support the supposed next big (well not in size, obviously) thing?

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