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Microsoft Confirms That Windows Phone Will Soon Die

Long live Windows 10!

Michael Cruickshank
Microsoft Confirms That Windows Phone Will Soon Die© 2023 Microsoft

When Microsoft first announced Windows 10, the most surprising thing about the operating system (aside from its strange number) was that it could be run on a device with almost any screen size. Microsoft claimed anything from huge desktop monitors and smart tvs, down to small mobile devices would all be able to use the operating system. The question however was how committed they were to this vision.

Now Microsoft has made an announcement regarding the operating system which will have huge implications for current Windows Phone users. Addressing user concerns that they would be left behind by the release of Windows 10, Microsoft made it clear in a tweet that all current Lumia devices would be compatible with Windows 10. This means that come the operating system’s release early next year, these users will be able to be the first to run a desktop operating system on a smartphone.

But while this is cool, there is some concern among Windows Phone users that they will be forced to suffer (again) all the problems of early adopters. Including the numerous bugs which Windows 10 is likely to have on these small devices, they will also have to re-endure the lack of official apps which plagued Windows Phone for much of its life. Our hope is that Microsoft finds a way (perhaps through emulation) to allow these apps to run on Lumia phones, at least until official versions appear for Windows 10.

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