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Microsoft Lets You Make Hollywood Sci-Fi Movies And It's Kinda Creepy

Microsoft’s HoloLens App Lets You Shoot Videos With Hologram Characters

Microsoft Lets You Make Hollywood Sci-Fi Movies And It's Kinda Creepy© 2019 YouTube,Actiongram

Imagine watching a movie with a zombie or taking a bubble bath with an astronaut—seems bizarre right? But it’s possible because of Microsoft HoloLens’ new app that will blow your mind.

Microsoft has announced Actiongram, as a new app for its forthcoming HoloLens augmented reality headset, which allows the user to create 3D animated graphics to the real world via HoloLens. To make this product even more interesting, while the 3D animated graphics walk around your house, you can record both live and animated content using HaloLen’s mixed reality capture feature.

We all know how realistic Hollywood’s Sci-Fi movies look like on the big screen and only the most talented group of people develop these jaw dropping movies. But now, thanks to Actiongram, people can create videos with holograms and advanced visual effects that would normally require expensive software and years of experience.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.39.49 PM.pngSource: YouTube, Actiongram

If you don’t have friends that you can hire as actors for a movie that you want to film, Actiongram lets you choose an Augmented Reality character you want to interact with. This app lets its creator develop the most outrageous, creative, and humoristic holographic movie right in your living room. Not only can this technology turn an ordinary user to a holographic storyteller, but it also proves to us that everybody can be a holographic developer.

A team of 5 people built Actiongram in roughly 6 months, according to Microsoft’s blog. The blog also mentions that the team was given a mission to help prove the robustness of the HoloLens development platform and the ability for a small team to make a high-quality holographic experience. Actiongram is extremely impressive because of the creativity it can unlock with storytellers and because it shows what a small team can do with simple holograms.

Actiongram app and the HoloLens headset are revolutionizing the world of filmmaking as it makes history. This technology allows ordinary people like us to explore our wild and absurd imagination, and make it reality. There’s no telling how hologram can surprise us even more in the next 5 years, but one thing is for sure—there is nothing that can stop it now from reaching its full potential.

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