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Microsoft Releases a Rival To The Raspberry Pi

New device looks familiar...

Molly Holt
Microsoft Releases a Rival To The Raspberry Pi© 2018 Paz.ca - Flickr

You know what they say: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Well, Micorsoft seems to think so anyway.

Sticking to its reputation of copying smaller companies if they gain enough popularity, their latest unique adventure is Sharks Cove, a Raspberry Pi style pint-sized PC. Teaming up with Intel and CircuitCo, the development board works with both Windows and Android, sporting an Intel Atom Z3735G quad-core chip with integrated HD graphics which reaches speeds of up to 1.83GHz. Ports-wise, there’s a microSD slot, HDMI, one USB 2.0 port and one micro USB one, meaning that users will have to connect to the internet or other networks with a USB adapter. Theres also 16GB of flash storage, 1GB of ram (the same as an iPhone 5S), and a MIPI connector for displays and cameras. Phew. But despite this, the Cove is still hindered by its price tag, retailing at $299  - that’s eight times the cost of the $35 Raspberry Pi Model B.

In its statement release, Microsoft noted that this expense was to cover the cost of the hardware, Windows 8.1 image, and “utilities” (whatever that means), so will most likely attract a very different audience to its Raspberry Pi rival.


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