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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

3 New Tech Products For Beauty

Nicole Billitz
Mirror Mirror On The Wall © 2023 Tao Wellness

1. Panasonic’s Magic Mirror. This high tech device analyzes your skin, hair, makeup, etc, and gives you scientifically backed beauty tips. It can tell you when your skin is dehydrated, when you need more sleep (and will make recommendations like moisturizer), but can also show you what you’d look like with a different hairstyle. It also will track your wrinkles and fine lines to let you know if your newest skin product is actually preventing them. Apparently it’s not just for women either - it has a facial hair feature that men like to play with too.


2. iGrow. This laser hair therapy system will help promote hair growth. It works for balding men, but also for women that are interested in thicker, fuller, and shinier hair. It costs $695, but if you think about how much the whole Regaine hair system costs, this might be the long lasting solution.

3. Tao Wellness Shell. It’s smart mobile exercise device that connects via BlueTooth to the free exercise app on your smartphone. This small gadget lets you work out anywhere, anytime, based on isometrics, which is similar to yoga and pilates mechanics. The app will help monitor and track your progress, but can also be a coach, and you can download some mobile games to make exercise fun!

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