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Moto 360 Can Now Connect To WiFi

Android 5.1.1. upgrade comes with all new nifty tricks!

Nicole Billitz
Moto 360 Can Now Connect To WiFi© 2019 Motorola

On Thursday, Motorola rolled out the new Android 5.1.1 upgrade for the Moto 360.

Although we expected the upgrade a bit earlier (a month, but whose counting?), it was pushed back due to performance issues. But starting today, all Moto 360 owners should be able to install it over the next couple days.

It has several new tricks up its sleeve, including the ability to connect the watch to WiFi, which eliminates the need for it to be hooked up to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Also a new addition, is the new range of gestures, which allows a simple flick of the wrist to scroll between cards, notifications and information, without ever having to touch the screen.

Importantly, the new update has also pimped out the emoji function. Users can now simply draw on the Moto 360’s screen to create emojis!

There are smaller upgrades too. For example, Motorola will now allow you to change the front size of your smartwatch so you don’t have to continue squinting at it!

Another new practical function is that the apps will stay open until they’re actually closed (because how many times have you opened Google Maps in WiFi, and walked out - and then the app closed and your life sucked).

Honestly, as far as Android Wear goes, this smartwatch is tip-top, and now it’s cheaper than ever - and it has these brand new perks.

To celebrate the release of the update, Motorola released this video that details all the new cool features on the Android 5.1.1.


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